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Daily Affirmations: Grumpy Edition

In case you're wondering what my full Daily Affirmations are:

I am a being of Love and Light

I am Strong

I am Capable

I am Confident

I am Worthy

I am Loved

I am Enough

My words are Kind

My thoughts are Positive

My Mind is bursting with bright ideas

I achieve everything I set my Mind to

I am ready, willing, and happy to receive Money

With an open Heart and an Open Mind, I live my Life to its fullest potential...Healthfully, Mindfully, Creatively, Courageously

Thank you, Universe, for fulfilling all of my desires and providing all of my needs as I work towards my goals. Thank you for the abundance you've given me. Thank you for the abundance you give me now. And thank you for your continued abundance in all of my days to come.

I am Light.

I am One.

I am Earth.

I am Love.

TODAY is a great day!

Today is a GREAT day!

Today is a great DAY!


Thank you for sharing your time with me! Love and Light to you all!!!!

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